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2019 Flooring Trends Forecast from Carpet Direct

We love a good trend just as much as the next person—but they tend to come and go. With a new year on the horizon, we’re all wondering—what can we expect? Which trends will stay? Which will get left behind? We think that the types of flooring listed below will be a huge hit in 2019.

Flooring Trends for 2019

Although we can’t predict the future (technically), but that’s never stopped us from trying. Here’s what we see on the ‘floor-cast’ for 2019.

1. No More Faux-Mo

We don’t think this is how the kids are spelling it, but if you haven’t heard—F.O.M.O is short for the ‘fear of missing out.’ If you missed the train on faux hardwood and marble flooring in 2018—never fear. We’d be willing to bet money this is a trend that will be sticking around for years to come.

Both hardwood and marble have long been popular luxury flooring options, but their high maintenance and lofty price made them an unrealistic choice for some homeowners. Faux hardwood and faux marble ceramic tile flooring changed all of that. Combining luxury and affordability, this flooring trend is well on its way to becoming a classic.

2. Lower Heating Bills and Toasty Toes

One thing we know about heat: you feel warmer when your feet are cozy. Heated flooring reaches your feet first, allowing you to keep your thermostat at a lower setting. Don’t just take our word for it. Studies have shown that heated tile can save homeowners significant money on heating costs. It works best with ceramic flooring, making it a perfect companion for imitation tile trends like faux hardwood. Needless to say, we expect things to heat up even more in 2019.

3. Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring: Bigger and Better

One thing we learned this year is about hardwood flooring is that small planks are becoming a thing of the past. Longer, wide planks are the future. That doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon—the market is full of hardwood, and the planks seem to consistently be getting larger. Overall, this is something to be excited about. Bigger planks generally make rooms appear larger, more open and less cluttered. If you are on an extremely strict budget, we suggest checking out vinyl plank flooring options.

4. Environmentally Trendy: Go Green

Regardless of your stance on global warming, environmentally friendly products have become a universal interest across the board. Flooring is no different. Incidentally, sustainable flooring has grown in popularity in recent years. Durable and eco-friendly options like cork and bamboo flooring are unique and fairly low-maintenance. With home buyers becoming more and more eco-friendly, we do not see this trend going away any time soon.

5. Matte is Going to Matter

No matte-r where you look, matte colors and finishes are saturating almost every market. Interior design is no exception. In terms of flooring, it’s easy to imagine a matte finish might look dull or drab compared to the satin, shiny finishes we usually see. Surprisingly, matte finishes create an aesthetic that is both warm and contemporary. Another perk: it tends to hide dirt, smudges and water marks better than its counterparts, making it a great choice for bathrooms and kitchens. We’re predicting this trend will make it well past the finish line in 2019.

6. Reclaimed Wood With Character

We are seeing more and more people turn to reclaimed wood as their go-to wood flooring choice because it brings character and charm into the home. Reclaimed wood is environmentally friendly and has a history behind it that engineered wood just doesn’t. It is important to note that there are some drawbacks that come with reclaimed wood; the main being that it can be hard to find and when you do find some, it might not be stable enough to add to your home.

If you like the look of reclaimed wood, but aren’t interested in doing the legwork to find and install it in your home try asking your flooring representative for cabin-grade options. Cabin-grade wood flooring has the same character and look as most reclaimed hardwood without the headache.

We are so excited to see which flooring trends become popular in 2019. If you are interested in stepping up your flooring game for the new year, click below to contact Carpet Direct for a flooring quote today!

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