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3 New Ways To Use Tile This Fall

3 New Ways to Use Tile This Fall

Forget everything you think you know about tile. Tile is starting to be utilized as a more durable and affordable imitation of some of today’s most exciting (and pricey) flooring trends. Tile is expanding the possibilities for interior design throughout every room in your home. This fall, get ready to make bold choices. From wood floors in your bathroom to bright colors, bold patterns, and interesting shapes on your bathroom walls—here are just a few ways that these new fall tile trends might surprise you.

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Hardwood!

It might not be hardwood, but faux hardwood tile planks mimic wood flooring extremely well. Hardwood flooring is a versatile and classic option that enhances almost any interior space. Unfortunately, it’s outside of some budgets and a bit difficult to maintain. Susceptible to the elements, real hardwood can warp, expand, crack and stain when exposed to moisture and high traffic. Tile, on the other hand, isn’t affected by moisture and temperature in the same way that wood is, making it a versatile option for any room in your house—even the bathroom.

Luckily, tile manufacturers have been able to create tile planks that have the texture and appearance of today’s most popular hardwood flooring, but with the affordability and functionality of tile floors. With new and innovative processes being used to create faux hardwood tile, it’s pretty hard for even professional designers to tell if it is real hardwood or not.

2. Think Outside the Box (or Square)

Tile isn’t just transforming interior spaces with imitation textures; it’s also creating unique looks and styles with different shapes, patterns, and colors. Statement pieces like hexagon shaped tile might sound busy, but the result is surprisingly beautiful. Hexagon tile creates a unique look that really can’t be achieved any other way.

Whether they’re on your kitchen floor or on your bathroom walls, this six-sided pattern is the perfect combination of both classic and contemporary. For more modern, futuristic looks, gray hexagon tile flooring pairs well with white subway wall tiles and metallic appliances. Light colored tile surrounded by navy blue and gold accent decor can appeal to rooms with a more classic aesthetic.

Overall, hexagon tiles look great in neutral colors like white and gray. But if you’re really ready to think outside the box, try a brightly colored, hexagon-tiled accent wall in your bathroom. This creates a bright and contemporary look and pairs perfectly with neutral finishes.

3. Living in Luxury with Imitation Marble

Both timeless and elegant, marble floors have been around for a pretty long time, and are likely here to stay. Unfortunately, most people on a budget might have a difficult time footing the bill for this style of flooring. Sometimes costing as much as $10-20 per square foot, installing marble flooring, even in a small space, is not exactly cost effective.

The good news is, you can still make your bathroom look and feel luxurious—without the hefty price tag and the stress that comes along with protecting that kind of investment. Ceramic tile manufacturers have figured out a way to create a strikingly similar look, but for a fraction of the cost. Again, we can count on tile, the master of imitation, to save the day-and our wallets!

We hope that you will consider incorporating these tile trends into your interior design plan for a beautiful, modern look!

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