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4 Reasons You Should Never Trust Used Carpet

4 Reasons You Should Never Trust Used Carpet

Never trust used carpet

Thinking of buying used carpet for your next home project? Think again! We have seen countless clients who purchased used carpet, only to sorely regret it later and wind up having to buy new carpet anyway! Consider these four excellent reasons never to trust used carpet, then contact your local Carpet Direct rep to find affordable carpet that you can trust.

1. Used Carpet is Not Always All It Appears to Be

Used carpet dealers, and the random people you meet through online yard sales, often have a few tricks up their sleeves to make used carpet look better than it actually is. For example, a DIY patch kit can be used on a ripped carpet, and while the patch may not even be noticeable when you purchase the carpet, these patches rarely last longer than a few weeks before the seams start unravelling and the slightest scuff of a shoe rips it up again.

2. Beware of Masked Odors

We have seen dozens of bewildered clients who, after purchasing the “perfect” used carpet, began to notice a foul smell within a few mere days of installing it. The previous owners may have left food on the carpet for too long without vacuuming, owned pets that weren’t quite housebroken, or may have just had their old carpet in an old house. It is easy for dealers to mask the odor with a carpet freshener for a few days, but it’s very difficult to get rid of that odor once and for all once it has moved into your home.

3. Soggy Accidents Can Happen

When you buy a used carpet, you never really know in which part of the house it once resided. Used carpet that looks OK could have come, for example, from a waterlogged basement. After a flooded carpet dries out, it might look good enough to put in your home – but you could be bringing home mold that will not only smell bad and give everyone in your house a r nose, but will also spread to the subflooring under the carpet and cause even more problems. Keep in mind, too, that the carpet could have been stored outside and gotten rained on after it left its previous home.

4. The Last Thing You Want is an Infestation

When you buy used carpet, you always run the risk of bringing an insect infestation into your home. Fleas, ants, and even bed bugs love residing in carpet, and once there they are very difficult to get rid of. There is no way to be completely certain that a carpet doesn’t have minute bugs living inside it before you buy. In fact, it could take a few weeks for an infestation to, because although the pests could have been steam cleaned out, the chances that even a few eggs made it are pretty high.

These are only a few of the worst things that could happen when you buy used carpet, but there are lots of other reasons that used carpet should not be trusted as well. Unless you knew the previous owners and their home extremely well, you might want to kick the old carpet to the curb and install something new, fresh, and guaranteed to look good.

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