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6 Inexpensive Ways To Add More Color Into Your Home

6 Inexpensive Ways to Add More Color into Your Home

While you may want to do a major renovation in your home, it isn’t something you always have time or money for right away. However, there are some great ways to spruce up the entire look of your home without spending a lot of money. You can truly bring your home to life or bring a breath of fresh air to your home by simply adding a splash of color here and there. Color can add so many dimensions to your home and truly bring out a new look without breaking the bank. Here are a few fun, inexpensive ideas for you to add more color to your home.

Paint Your Front Door

The front door is the first impression many see of your home. It is where your friends, family, and neighbors enter your home and what you see when you’re looking at the home from the road. You can brighten up your home’s façade with a splash of yellow paint on the front door or consider red or other bright colors that complement your outdoor décor. Painting your front door gives you an opportunity to easily and inexpensively add a burst of color to brighten up your entryway.

Accessorize with Throw Pillows, Rugs & Floor Runners

Another inexpensive way to easily add color to the décor of your home is with throw pillows on your couches or chairs. You can even change them out with the seasons, getting brighter colors for spring and summer and warmer, muted tones for fall and winter.

Area rugs and floor runners are another cost-effective way to bring a burst of color and texture to your hardwood, laminate, vinyl, and tile floors. Even a bathmat in the color of your choice can spruce up an otherwise neutral bathroom to incredible effect.

Paint an Accent Wall

Painting an entire room can seem like a daunting task when you’re not sure what color you want in the room. One way to add more color is to simply paint one wall an accent color. Not only will it liven up the area, but also you can rest easy knowing that you’re not committing the entire room to that one color. This will give you more freedom to experiment and play around with colors you might otherwise have been too timid to try in an entire room.

Bring in Mother Nature

Add some colorful flowers or plants to the inside of your home to bring in splashes of beautiful natural color. You can add plastic plants that will look good all year long or go with real ones if you have a green thumb to care for them. The rich green hues of a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree next to a window or a table covered in potted succulents will inject attractive pops of color into any room, especially ones that are full of natural light.

Update Your Window Treatments

Don’t forget that you can always add a sash or curtain treatments to your windows to bring in even more color. You can use drapes or even colored blinds that will brighten up the area. You can choose from a variety of options for your window areas that will be a lovely addition to your home.

Whether you’re painting the front door, painting picture frames or laying down a new rug, it is possible to add more color to your home ways that are both easy and affordable. We think color is always a welcome way to bring life and vitality into your dwelling.

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