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Bathroom Flooring: Alternatives to White Tile

There’s no more iconic bathroom style than traditional white tile floors, relying on the towels and wall décor to add a pop of color. We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with this traditional bathroom styling, in fact, we quite like it: its versatility is unmatched, and it’s iconic for a reason after all—but if you’re willing to look beyond your comfort zone and consider a new look, we have some alternative ideas to help brighten up your bath!

Brighten Up Your Bathroom Flooring with These White Tile Alternatives

Glass Tile

Whatever your shower looks like now, we can almost guarantee it will look better with a glass tile upgrade. This is the most versatile option for bathroom flooring, covering a wide range of solid colors and patterns that can easily be matched to towels, curtains and any other décor you may be considering for your bathroom. Glass tiles can also have different textures, which can feel great to stand on in the shower.

If you want a subtle update, swapping out your current shower tiles for glass tile with a bit more personality is the way to go—it’s also a good way to start designing your dream bathroom! If you’re not completely sure of what you want, decide on the glass tile for your shower and then choose the rest of your bathroom flooring around that.

Tip: fun shower tiles don’t have to be confined to the floor; you can keep the colors and patterns going up the wall to help avoid any damage caused from moisture accumulating on non-tiled walls.

Accent Colors

Continuing on the theme of small changes that make a big impact, consider adding an accent color to your white tile floors. (What? We said we’re fans of white tile bathrooms! We just like it better when they have a little something extra added in.)

Accent colors can be incredibly chic depending on how you use the accents and which colors are used. A border around the room. A few tiles in your statement color placed throughout the white tiles across the whole floor. Using the accent color to create designs like stripes or a checkerboard.

You can use glass tiles in an accent color just in the shower to draw the eye to a focal point. Whether you want to match your accent to the towels you got for your wedding or choose several accents representing the favorite colors of your family members, there are so many options; the only limit is how many ways you can think of to utilize this classic design element!

Mosaic Tile

Ready to ditch the training wheels and cut loose with a full upgrade? Want something bright, fun and trendy that will still age well, even as trends change?

Allow us to introduce you to mosaic tiles! Often seen in kitchens, especially on colorful bespoke backsplashes, mosaic tiles are a funky option that can really express your bathroom’s function as a place to unwind and relax.

If you like the idea of mosaic tiles, but you don’t like the idea enough to do your entire bathroom floor, you can always use mosaic tiles as an accent to liven up a plain white tiled bathroom with your very own rainbow of shapes and colors.

Whether you decide to go all in and do the whole floor, confine this palette trend to the shower or an accent, mosaic tiles are a retro bathroom flooring trend that simultaneously looks fresh and exotic. If you have a mosaic tile backsplash in your kitchen, it’s definitely worth thinking about incorporating mosaic tiles into your bathroom.

Tip: Use a cooler color pallette if you want a spa-like environment, while a primary color pallet is great for kids bathrooms!

Faux Marble

If your dream bathroom looks like something out of an Instagram-worthy guest house, you’re probably thinking about faux marble. This option comes in a rainbow of colors that are often subdued but always classy and timeless. Since faux marble is made of a tougher material than its authentic counterpart, it’s more durable while also fitting into the budget better than natural marble tiles.

Both white and black marble work well with any color pallette, but they really scream “luxe” when set against pastels like blush pink, mint green, or lavender. If you want something less black or white, faux marble also comes in colors like pink, blue, green, brown and gray, making it possible to get that high-end look without giving up your sense of charm and whimsy.

Whatever color you choose, a marble bathroom is definitely a serious style upgrade, and we think that the right kind of home can pull it off—we also think there’s nothing wrong with turning the master bathroom into a quiet oasis. A space away from the kids and the rest of the family, where you can take a long bath and unwind from the day, and nothing fits this scenario better than marble floors!

Faux Hardwood

Is rustic charm more your thing? Say hello to faux hardwood floors! While nothing beats the cozy feel of natural hardwood, faux hardwood is better for moister environments like the bathroom since it’s resistant to water and moisture. It also takes less devoted upkeep than natural hardwood, meaning your faux hardwood bathroom floors will look gorgeous for years to come without ever a thought of tedious waxing and cleaning with special products and taking special care to avoid water damage.

We love wood floors, and we recommend them for any room, but faux hardwood is obviously the superior choice for “wood” flooring in the bathroom. Like the other options, faux hardwood has multiple color choices from light to dark and from warm to cool to suit any styling you have in mind. Consider rich mahogany paired with jewel-toned towels for a master bathroom or a faux bamboo paired with wasabi green décor for a bright and optimistic guest bath.

Are you ready to update your bathroom flooring? Contact Carpet Direct KC for expert advice on choosing the right bathroom flooring option to suit your needs and home!

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