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The Most Efficient Way to Keep Stair Carpet Clean

Carpeted stairs provide a soothing cushion for your feet as you climb up or down and is a safe choice (compared to hardwood) if you have little ones or elderly relatives in your home. However, keeping your stair carpet clean is a challenge. Nobody likes lugging a large steam cleaner or vacuum up and down the stairway or attempting to use the vacuum hose that will, for some reason, only reach three feet. Also, any time you carry something that substantial up the stairs you risk possibly falling and injuring yourself because your sense of balance is upset and you might not see each step.

The Best Way to Keep Your Stair Carpet Clean

Here are just a few ways you can do to keep that pesky carpet on your stairs clean.

Spot Clean When Spills Happen

Never overlook the ease of a good spot cleaning to remove any discolorations or stains before they set into the carpeting fibers. There are many spot cleaner brands that can effectively lift away tough stains like spilled wine or ground in mud. You mist the area with the cleaner, let it sit for a few minutes, and then try to lightly work the carpet fibers using a warm washcloth until the stain disappears.

Stiff Brush

Carpeting starts to look dull and dirty if you do not regularly remove dirt particles from the fibers. Often the easiest way to clean stairs is to use a stiff bristle brush to sweep the flooring on the stairs and fling the dirt down to the bottom floor where you can more easily remove it. A simple bristle brush keeps your carpeting looking fresh and prevents it from matting down from extended use.

Handheld Vacuum

When handheld vacuums first hit the market, they had horrible battery life and poor suction. However, nowadays, handheld vacuums are affordable, lightweight, sturdy, and adequately remove even deep, ground-in grime. If you have carpeted stairs, a handheld vacuum is a dream compared to the full-size bulkier option.

Size Matters

When steam cleaners first became available for retail purchase they were enormous. Nowadays, carpet cleaners have downsized considerably, but full-sized models remain heavy and awkward to carry. You can purchase small compact handheld units to help pull up dirt from the carpet fibers on steps.

Call a Pro

If you are just sick and tired to cleaning your stair carpet, then you may want to consider hiring a carpet cleaning professional to clean for you. We suggest contacting our partner Bock’s Steam Star for your carpet cleaning needs. Click here to download a special steam cleaning offer.

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoos lift away dirt and grime by pulling the particles up to the surface of the fibers. You can then use a small, handheld vacuum to lift away the dirt.

At Carpet Direct KC, we can help you choose the best carpeting for your stairs and other areas of your home. Contact our sales team for a free carpet quote today.

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