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15Jul 18
Fun Ideas For Your Kitchen Floors

Fun Ideas for Your Kitchen Floors

You probably spend quite a bit of time in your kitchen entertaining and cooking meals for loved ones. Why not let a little bit of your personality shine through your kitchen flooring? Are you ready for a floor makeover? Let's talk!
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11Jul 18
What You Need To Know About Porcelain Tile

What You Need to Know About Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile is a great way to give your home an updated, elegant look. A lot of people think that porcelain is just like any other kind of tile on the market, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Here are some things to know before you decide if porcelain tile is right for you.
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28Feb 18
5 Things That Are Hiding In Your Carpet

5 Things That Are Hiding In Your Carpet

Carpets can be fluffy and warm and inviting for your toes to sink into, but they're also home to some dangerous allergens and microscopic organisms! The good news is, you can do your part by vacuuming and calling upon a trusted professional to give your carpets a good deep carpet cleaning. Your health matters!
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