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Deep-Cleaning Your Floors This Spring: Everything You Need To Know

Deep-Cleaning Your Floors This Spring: Everything You Need to Know

Spring means spring cleaning, and that means deep-cleaning your floors. Whether you have carpeting or hard surface flooring, we know how to get them sparkling clean—and if you’re not into the idea of doing the deep-cleaning yourself, we have an alternative.

Spring Cleaning: Carpet

What’s Built-Up in Your Carpet Over the Winter Season?

Besides the usual skin cells, bacteria, mold and mildew that can build up during the other seasons, winter brings along its own unique challenges in the form of mud, chemical de-icing agents like antifreeze, and road salt. Ice-melting chemicals all hold their own dangers—to humans and pets—and the best thing you can do about all this build-up is give your carpets a deep-clean.

How To Deep-Clean Carpet

First, clear the room and vacuum the area properly and thoroughly. Next, spot-clean any major stains using a carpet cleaner suited to the type of stain (enzyme-based cleaners for animal urine and general-purpose cleaners for any other kind of stain). After that, you can rent a carpet shampooer to fully deep-clean your carpet. Using high heat, water and cleaning solution, steam cleaning melts mud and residues—and the extreme temperature guarantees it will kill all the nasty hidden bacteria and other potential irritants. If your carpet doesn’t feel completely clean after one go, you might want to consider a second round of steam cleaning, especially if it’s been a while.

If this sounds like a lot of work, or you’re concerned about whether you can do it to a true professional level, hire professionals. When it comes to steam cleaning, we partner with Bock’s Steam Star: they get your floors cleaner, happier, and healthier using natural, specialty cleaning solutions and their detailed cleaning processes can’t be beat. Properly cleaning and caring for your carpet investment will extend it’s life for years to come.

Spring Cleaning: Hardwood

What has Built-Up on Your Hardwood Flooring Over the Winter Season?

Similar to carpets, your biggest winter build-up concerns on hardwood are going to be chemical de-icing agents and mud. Even if you routinely sweep your  floors, you can still expect some residual build-up on a level that may be too little to see but can still affect the health of your family and pets, especially if they have a sensitivity to any of the chemicals commonly used during winter. No matter what kind of hardwood flooring you choose (trust us there are a ton of choices) build up from the winter season is inevitable.

How To Deep-Clean Hard Surface Flooring

Similar to cleaning carpeted floors, clear the room and then vacuum or sweep to remove surface dirt. Then mop the floor with wrung out mop so it isn’t sopping wet, going with the grain—going with the grain makes sure you pull up any dirt or residue that’s been trapped in the grain of the floor, if you mop against the grain you’ll risk missing some of the grime by trapping it in the crevices until the next time you mop. After mopping, buff the floor with a soft, clean cloth to remove any lingering soap residue.

Also similar to cleaning carpeted floors, this is a time investment. If you want the most professional looking result, steam cleaning is going to again be your best option, and our partner Bock’s Steam Star will get your floors back to like-new condition with their Hardwood Floor Deep Cleaning Service.

Spring cleaning your floors the right way, whether carpet or hardwood, is an expense (in either time or money) that’s worth investing in. We think you’ll agree, there’s nothing like the satisfaction of looking at—and walking on—freshly cleaned floors this spring.

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