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Dark Or Light Hardwood Floors: Which Is Best For You And Your Lifestyle

Dark or Light Hardwood Floors: Which is Best for You and Your Lifestyle

When it comes to choosing your new hardwood flooring, there are many factors to consider. One of the decisions you will be faced with is whether to buy light or dark hardwood. Both shades of hardwood have their pros and cons, but no matter which you choose your home value will likely increase.

5 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing Light or Dark Hardwood Floors:

1. How Big is Your Space?

If it is a larger space, then dark flooring will anchor the room and provide a warmer tone. If you have an open floor plan, then dark hardwood flooring is for you. That’s not to say light hardwood wouldn’t work in a larger room, light wood tends to give the illusion of more space, therefore, is more suitable for smaller spaces.

2. Is This a Room You Will be Showing Off to Guests?

We all have had those rooms. The rooms that are more for “show” for guests. Rooms for “show” are cleaned more often than rooms and you tend to spend more time with company. So it’s best for you to know upfront that dark hardwood floors must be dusted more than light hardwood floors. When darker get scratched or dented, it’s more visible than when lighter floors do. So you might as well install dark hardwood floors in the rooms that are best in “show.” Those are the cold hard facts.

3. Is This a Room You Will be Using Often?

Now we are talking. The rooms we all live in and live in the most. The ones you build the real memories in. The ones that get stuff spilled on maybe some scratches or dents every once in a while, then maybe light hardwood floors that show scratches less, are generally better if you have dogs (and/or a busy household).

4. Does Your Space Have a lot of Natural Lighting?

If the room does get plenty of natural sunlight then you should definitely venture into the darker shades of hardwood as you have more room to play with. Think walnuts, maples and cherry varieties of hardwood options. Even try a dive into the greys and ebony or charcoal and the natural sunlight will eat it up. With enough light, just about any room can pull off a dark hardwood floor.

If the room has limited natural light consider lighter hardwood options. Wood floors made of oak, ash, and bamboo are good ways to create the illusion of a larger, well-lit room. Bamboo is a fantastic sustainable option to consider when choosing from lighter wood flooring.

5. Do You Want to Keep Your Existing Furniture, Decor and Wall Color?

If you do, then you should try to work around the wall color, existing furnishings, and decor you already have. Go with a light hardwood floor if most of your furniture is dark and heavy. If you have neutral furniture only then maybe the dark hardwood flooring would be best for you. Choose wisely. You know your space and style better than anybody else.

Whether you choose light or dark hardwood flooring, you are one step closer to achieving your home design goals.

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