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Heated Tile: Keeping Your Floors Warm In Winter

Heated Tile: Keeping Your Floors Warm in Winter

We’ve all been there. It’s a chilly fall morning, and your alarm clock is buzzing incessantly. You want to get out of bed, but you know that as soon as you take your toes out from under the heat of your warm, heavy comforter, they will be met with the ice cold reality that is your bedroom floor. There is a solution, heated tile.

Of course, not everyone has tile in their bedroom, but you get the idea. Carpet is becoming less of a norm, and while other flooring styles look beautiful, they can get really cold during the winter months.

Heated Tile Offers Comfort, Style, and Functionality

This trend has been rising in popularity over the last decade or so and offers a solution to cold floors and could also be a viable investment in your home.

The Bathroom and Beyond

Heated tile has long been a luxury choice for tiled bathroom floors. It’s heated through a process called radiant heating, which involves installations of either electricity or water beneath the floor. Ceramic tile tends to work best with this type of heating because of its ability to hold heat for long amounts of time.

With faux hardwood tile rising in popularity, however, we see tile flooring commonly used in places other than just bathrooms and kitchens. You can now have ceramic tile anywhere in your home where hardwood would be desirable. Why not sweeten the deal and make it heated?

An Economical Investment

Using an underfloor radiant heating element can be an efficient way to heat your house, as well. If your feet are warm, the rest of your body tends to feel warmer too, allowing you to keep the heat in your home at a lower setting. If you have high ceilings, radiant heating can be a huge asset. The higher the ceilings, the more space where there is to heat. Radiant heating puts heat where it’s most needed, at the bottom half of the room, which can save you on heating costs in the long run. In terms of resale value, this commonly desired luxury is a great investment.

Beauty and Comfort

Homeowners sometimes prefer to skip rugs and carpeting in their homes for a number of reasons. Caring for carpeting can be time-consuming, and it tends to trap dust and animal hair. There’s also the fact that flooring is a big investment, and most of the time we choose something we really love.

Unfortunately, when it starts to get cold, tile floors can start to feel a lot less inviting. Radiant heating is a great solution for those who don’t want to purchase a rug. When your feet are always warm, you can decorate for looks, rather than comfort.

Snow and Ice Removal

Lifehack: Radiant heating can be used outdoors, too! This one is pretty self-explanatory. Who doesn’t love the idea of not going outside to shovel snow or remove ice in the winter? Heated tile is a perfect option for tiled areas like walkways and patios.

If you are interested in adding heated tile to your home, contact Carpet Direct today for a free flooring quote!

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