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How To Care For Your Ceramic Tile

Did you know that the total sales of ceramic tile in 2012 amounted to nearly $2.3 billion in the US alone?

Worldwide, experts estimate that nearly 12 billion square meters of ceramic tile get produced each year.

These facts are impressive, but not surprising since ceramic tile is one of the most beautiful types of floors out there. A lot of homeowners appreciate its beauty and would do anything to preserve it. One way to make your tile floors look brand new is by cleaning them regularly.

But how do you clean tile floors? And what types of cleaning products should you use? Keep reading this article to find out.

Top Tips To Follow When You Clean Ceramic Tile

Although ceramic tiles are pretty tough and long-lasting, they can get damaged if you’re not careful with them. Put the following tips into practice to preserve your ceramic tiles in pristine condition.

1. Sweep Your Floors Regularly

The most basic cleaning procedure consists of sweeping. Take out your broom and use it to eliminate dust, debris, hairs, lint, and other debris from your tile floors. These debris can scratch your ceramic tiles when you step on them, so remove them once a week with a quick sweep.

2. Mop Your Ceramic Tile Floors

The second step would be to mop your beloved tile floors. Make sure that you use a standard mop, a bucket of lukewarm water, and a mild detergent or cleaning product. Mop your floors thoroughly once a week to remove dirt and prevent staining, leaving your floors clean, hygienic, and beautiful.

Make sure that you don’t use harsh chemical products. Although ceramic tile can withstand a lot of wear and tear, powerful cleaning agents can harm it, so don’t use other than mild detergent.

3. Dry Out Wet Spots

Stagnant water is never a good sign in a house and it can seriously damage ceramic tiles.

Make sure that you dry wet spots on your floors as soon as you see them. Use paper towels or a clean towel to absorb the moisture and prevent it from damaging your floors.

4. Pick Up Spills or Food Drops Immediately

It is common to spill beverages on floors, especially if there are kids in the house. But that spill of juice or coffee can stain your ceramic tiles, so you should do something about it immediately.

Use paper towels to clean spills or food drops. Bring a larger towel if the spill is massive and clean the area immediately. The same story is true for pet food as well.

5. Seal The Grout Between The Tiles

When you install ceramic tiles, they are usually kept in place with grout. This material is a white or light-colored substance which stabilizes the tiles and prevents water from infiltrating. However, grout can also become dirty and damaged since it’s a porous material.

A good way to preserve the condition of your tiles is to seal the grout, which you can do right after installing the ceramic tiles or a few months after. Sealing the grout means applying a thin protective layer, which keeps water and debris at bay. This will make cleaning your ceramic tiles easier and will also prolong the lifespan of the grout.

Most homeowners seal the grout once a year. You can find good sealers at your local home improvement store. Another good idea would be to add dark-colored grout when installing new ceramic tile as it tends to hide dirt better than light-colored grout.

6. Clean The Groutman-cleaning-tile-grout

Sealing is a way to keep the grout in good condition. However, what if the grout is already stained or dirty? In this case, you need to learn how to pay special attention to the grout and clean it properly.

In most cases, you can clean grout with hot water and a stiff brush. Sometimes you might also need to use a vinegar solution or hydrogen peroxide for tougher stains. In the worst cases, you might want to consider steam cleaning the grout to restore it to original condition.

7. Use Rubbing Alcohol for More Stubborn Stains

Some stains are more difficult to remove than others. For example, blood stains tend to stick to ceramic tiles and in this case, you might want to use rubbing alcohol to eliminate them. This solution will also keep insects away from your floors and make your house more hygienic.

For wine stains, you can also use hydrogen peroxide or even bleach if necessary. Make sure that you wear protective gloves when cleaning stubborn stains to protect your hands.

8. Use Doormats and Rugs

This is not exactly a “cleaning tip”, but it can contribute to maintaining your tiles in beautiful shape. Especially if you have a large family and/or you like to entertain friends at home, make sure that you use doormats. Encourage your family members and guests to use them before entering your house, as this can minimize damage to your ceramic floors.

Similarly, you might want to use a plethora of rugs. They can protect your floors and prevent serious damage and scratching. Use rugs in your bathroom, kitchen, hallway, even living room, and you’ll prolong the lifespan of your ceramic tiles.

Learn More About Ceramic Tile Today!

As you can see, it’s not difficult to clean ceramic tile if you have some basic products and a desire to make your floors sparkle!

For more interesting information about ceramic tiles and other flooring options, as well as how to clean them, make sure that you check out our other blog posts! If you’re ready to start your project, get a quote today!



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