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Patterned Carpet: Add Some Fun To Your Floors

Patterned Carpet: Add Some Fun to Your Floors

For decades now, when selecting carpet, the knee-jerk plan was to use one neutral color throughout the home. This homogenized flooring concept allowed for an uncomplicated neutral canvas. Then along came the hardwood flooring revival and a home full of beige carpet seemed a bit boring in comparison. Carpet manufacturing companies saw this trend in the market and took action. They began creating interesting designs that mimicked on-trend area rugs and have successfully brought carpet back into the modern home. So, what are you waiting for? Why not try out some fun patterned carpet and use it to add an affordable punch to your existing flooring? Here are some creative ideas for using modern carpet styles in your home.


Accent Carpet for Open Floor Plans

A lot of homeowners deal with the occasional issue of having an open floor plan that they are overwhelmed by. The most common type of open floor plan combines the kitchen, dining area, and living room. Accent carpet is a great way to create the illusion of separate areas in a large wall-less space. We suggest using patterned carpet to define your living room as a separate entity from the kitchen and dining area. For this area, choose a bold pattern in light neutral colors-greys, creams, and tans-to keep the space from seeming too busy while still adding some depth to the room.

Add Visual Interest to Your Staircase

A lot of us have a lovely hardwood, laminate or tiled entry that welcomes guests into the home. In some homes, the first thing that guest may see is a staircase leading to the second floor, not exactly an eyesore, but you can add a little something to that plain old staircase that is pleasing to the eye. Try carpeting stairs in a stunning charcoal and ivory geometric print. This will add visual interest to your without taking away from the classic tailored look you may have been going for.

If you want to really add something different to your stairs how try a little bit of teal trellis print carpet. We know that this may sound a little funky, but if you keep the furnishings simple and neutral, with a few bright pops of coordinating color in décor accents, this is a fun way to bring some contemporary carpet into your home.

patterned carpet-bedroom

Make Your Bedroom a Cozy Space

Create a relaxing mood by using textured pattern berber carpet in soft shades in the master bedroom. Choose calming shades of ivory, dusty gray-blue, or misty seafoam and watch how the textured monochromatic woven patterns—swirls, diamonds, or waves—create the ultimate sense of serenity.

Add Fun Patterned Carpet to Small Spaces

Use patterned carpet as a design element itself by creating an eye-popping visual space for a playroom, a computer study room, a small library, or a hobby room. In these small, defined spaces you can go bold with a pattern, as long as the colors jive with the rest of the home’s central decor theme.

As you can see, the many decor options for using patterned carpet are limited only by your imagination. Rethink carpeting as a decor accent instead of just a surface to walk on. The secret to success is striking that careful balance with the selective use of patterned carpet coupled with simple furnishings. Patterned carpet can create the optical illusion of texture, can set the décor tone, and will add personality to any room.

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