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Questions To Ask Your Flooring Installation Company Before Hiring Them

Questions to Ask Your Flooring Installation Company Before Hiring Them

If you’ve decided it’s time to invest in new carpeting, then you should arm yourself with the right questions to ask your flooring installation company before they come into your home! Your instincts will serve you well in choosing the right company, but here are 7 questions to keep handy when meeting with them:

Do You Have General Liability Insurance?

We start with this one because this is actually the the mother of all questions. Make sure you know and confirm that your flooring installation company is properly insured! You just never know if there will be unforeseen circumstances or accidents about to happen.

How Much Do You Charge?

This might sound like a given, but we bring this up to the forefront because you will get what you pay for. Just like quality matter more than quantity in most cases, the same applies for your hardwood and carpet installation! So don’t automatically choose the cheapest route. You may live to regret it, and wish you’d gone with someone a notch or two higher on the pricing scale! Another great question to ask regards financing. Some companies offer fantastic financing options that you can take advantage of.

Will You Remove My Old Carpet?

Now granted, in this instance you have old carpeting to remove in the first place. Be sure to ask if companies will charge you an additional fee for this. You don’t want any unpleasant surprises showing up on your invoice at the end of the job. It will take away from the pure joy of sinking your feet into your new investment!

How Long Will it All Take?

This is also another no-brainer but needs to be asked upfront. The answer to this question should range in the “few days” parameter. But also keep in mind that once the installers are long gone, you may want to give it a couple days before walking all over your new carpet or hardwood. We understand how that might be so tempting, after all, your carpet is like a new toy and you want to check it out as soon as possible. So be sure to ask how long the installation will take and how long before you can walk on your new flooring!

What’s the Plan?

Flooring installations may seem like they’re all the same on the surface, but each one is actually different, especially when it comes to ensuring you get your home back the way you handed it over before the installation. In other words, be sure to ask how they plan to deal with the inevitable dust and dirt that will invade your space and what measures they’ll be taking to clean up their mess and protect your valuables.

Do You Prepare Sub-floors?

You may need extra insulation, which comes by way of something called a sub-floor. And you don’t want to have to hire another contractor and deal with more budgetary stress. So try to find an installer will be able to prepare a sub-floor for you before they install your carpeting, and you’ll have killed two birds with one stone!

Do I Need a New Carpet Pad?

This could be a question you can answer yourself. But a good carpet installer will be able to tell you right away. Carpet padding can save you much grief in the end. So if it’s been over ten years since your home has had its carpet padding replaced, then it’s time for new padding!

Finding the right installation company will not only ensure that your new, beautiful flooring is properly installed, but they will also provide you with the knowledge needed to maintain your new carpet or hardwood.

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