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Why You Should Look Into Carpet Binding

Why You Should Look Into Carpet Binding

What is Carpet Binding?

Carpet binding services are a way that you can put together new pieces of carpet to create custom rugs for your home. The technique fuses carpet pieces together to form a rug that can be moved into any room of your choosing. Carpet binding creates beautiful one-of-a-kind area rugs and runners by sewing a cotton or synthetic based material to the edges of a leftover piece of carpet.

New rugs can be pretty pricey; you can save money with carpet binding and have a new custom rug in your home! Read on to learn about the benefits of carpet binding.

What are the Benefits of Carpet Binding?

Creativity and Functionality

Area rugs and accent rugs are a great way to personalize a room—not to mention they help keep little feet comfortable on hard surfaces. The downfall of area rugs is that you can’t always find exactly what you want, especially if you’re trying to closely match carpeting in another room (like matching the rug in your living room to the new carpet in the hall), or if you’re looking for something outside of standard dimensions. Carpet binding lets you choose the carpet type and size; then we turn it into the rug you want with our custom carpet binding services! There are no limitations on style or size. If you need a rug for an odd-sized room, we can make that happen.

The Cost-Effective Benefits of Carpet Binding

The other downfall of area rugs (sorry, area rugs, we promise we do like you!) is their cost. If you’ve ever price-checked area rugs, you’re familiar with the difficulty that comes with trying to finding a nice one (nothing amazing, but it will work) that is about the right size, then you check the sticker and probably end up passing on that rug.

We bet you’ve had the thought that you could buy carpet by the yard for a fraction of the cost—and you’re right! You can choose the thickest, plushest, most extravagant carpet we offer, and it will still be affordable because the amount of carpet needed to make a rug is a fraction of the carpet needed to cover a whole room or hallway. Just imagine being able to afford the carpet of your dreams without breaking the bank.

The Sustainability Factor

Most people are unaware of carpet binding services and just toss out perfectly good carpet. You reduce waste and help cut down on the fossil fuels used to create new rugs by using remnants from carpet installation to create your custom rug! It is a win-win!

Is Carpet Binding for Me? Ask Yourself These Questions

  • Do I want a one of a kind area rug or accent rug or runner?
  • Am I not finding what I’m looking for in stores?
  • Do I want the feeling of luxurious plush carpet that would be out of my price range if I were using it to carpet an entire room?
  • Would I like a more eco-friendly carpeting option?

If you said yes to one (or more) of these questions, contact Carpet Direct to discuss your options for carpet binding. We’ll make a rug you’ll love.

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