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Spring Renovations: Tile Indoors And Out

Spring Renovations: Tile Indoors and Out

Tile has a long history of making a strong design statement. It seems that tiles are now offered in more colors, textures, and materials than ever before. Tile as a design element is only limited by the imagination. So, get creative and consider some bold new uses for tile in your home design.

Backsplash Tiling in Your Kitchen

One of the biggest decor trends we are noticing is the focus on the kitchen backsplash. For a relatively small investment, a kitchen can get a whole new look just by changing a backsplash.  Beautiful glass tiles in subway or mosaic shapes come in a variety of colors and offer a fresh take on the pedestrian ceramic white tiles that have dominated the last decade.

Create a visual statement with painted ceramic or porcelain tiles above the stove. Try beautifully painted Mexican, Turkish, Moroccan, Portuguese, or Spanish tiles to add character and charm to a kitchen. By featuring the pattern on the large space above the stove, and using coordinating understated tiles for the balance of the backsplash, the finished effect can be absolutely show-stopping.

Try a Wonderful Tiled Wall Accent

A bold tiled accent wall gives any room a signature design element that can set the tone for the whole house. To make a tiled wall accent work, the flooring materials, adjacent paint color, and color palette of the room must be considered. The style of decor, such as modern and sleek or rustic and earthy, should drive your selection. Where a modern or mid-century decor theme would benefit from a bold orange glass tile treatment, a casual decor would call for something organic and neutral with lots of texture.

Wall accents work nicely in a small space that has a wood wall treatment, such as reclaimed lumber. Adding a vertical slice of interesting tile at the ¾ mark on the wood-covered wall space can produce a nice visual juxtaposition of color and texture.

Inlaid Tile “Rug”

A clever use of tile as a visual “rug” can break up hardwood or carpeted floors and give the room a nice contrast. In many cases, these inlaid tile rugs actually have a practical application, such as in a dining room. Instead of a wool rug that could be easily stained by food or beverage spills, a tile rug accomplishes the visual look but offers easy cleanup.

Inlaid “rugs” can also be utilized in a foyer or a corridor, adding the textured and tonal definition of a decor or accent rug without the worry of wear and tear. In an open area, such as the entry, be creative with the shape of the tile inlay and use small mosaic tiles for the biggest visual punch. For a hallway, using stone tiles down the center with a carpet border creates visual interest while providing easy maintenance of high traffic areas.

Using Tile Outdoors

Do not overlook the outstanding uses of tile to highlight your outdoor space. Use tiles to cover a concrete surface, and visually define an outdoor entertainment space. Cover steps with ceramic tiles in a bold pattern. Create an artistic mosaic look for the back of a fountain. Cover an outdoor barbecue center with rich stacked slate tile and top it with granite. Let your imagination run wild while designing your outdoor space.

For 2018, think outside the box and get creative using tile to punch up your decor themes both indoor and outdoor. With many wonderful porcelain and ceramic options, you don’t need to break the bank to make a fabulous statement in your home. Click here to learn more about tile options at Carpet Direct!

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