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Why Carpet Will Always be Around (Even with All of the Hate)

It might not be the new kid on the block or the trendiest flooring solution in the world, but none of the alternatives to carpet can offer the same range of benefits. Carpet stands alone in many ways and no matter what the haters say, there are plenty of reasons why people will keep choosing carpet for their homes and remain happy with that choice for years to come.

There are lots of great things about carpet that often get overlooked, so it’s about time we paid attention to some of those things. Carpet is always going to be here; it’s not going anywhere so let’s talk about why that is and why it should be embraced.

1. Carpet is Cozier

woman-sitting-on-carpetThe first thing that everyone already knows about carpet is that it’s by far the most cozy and comfortable flooring option. It feels great under your feet whereas other options feel hard and cold. There’s nothing like getting out of bed and stepping onto a cozy and comfortable carpet, especially in winter.

It’s the small things like this that make your house feel more like home. It helps you to feel more relaxed and at ease – something that really does make a big difference. If you want to find a cozy flooring option, none are better than carpet.

2. Added Warmth and Insulation When it’s Cold

As well as being cozy and comfortable, carpet also has the benefit of being warm and offering an extra level of insulation that other types of flooring usually can’t. It does this by retaining the warm air for a longer period of time and offering thermal insulation.

Having that little extra warmth and insulation can make a real difference in certain climates, especially during the cold winter months. For families with children who like to play and sit on the carpet (or even adults who want to do that!) carpet is by far the best option.

3. The Wide Variety of Styles and Piles

With so many different styles, colors and piles available, there’s always a carpet solution that works for you. No matter what kind of effect you’re looking to create in your home or what you want your carpet to offer, you can be sure that you’ll be able to find a style of carpet that’s right for you.

Other flooring solutions don’t offer the same level of adaptability and variation that carpet can offer. From an aesthetic point of view, carpet enables you to create a style that suits your preference and design vision with ease.

4. It’s Safer for Babies, Toddlers, and Older People

baby-on-carpetFor families, choosing flooring is not just about how it looks; there’s a wide range of practical considerations that have to be taken into account too. With babies and toddlers wandering around, there are going to be plenty of falls and accidents.

It’s much better that those falls take place on carpet that’s soft and padded rather than stone or hardwood. It adds some extra safety to your home and every parent can appreciate just how important that is. Safety is the number one priority for most parents in the home and it shouldn’t be overlooked.

It’s not just babies and toddlers that are impacted by falls in the home either. Anyone who falls will suffer less damage or injury when they fall on carpet compared to harder flooring alternatives. It’s why many elderly people choose soft carpet over the other options out there.

Of course, anyone can fall and that fall will be softened by carpet. It’s something that’s worth taking into account if you want to avoid a premature hip replacement. It sounds obvious but lots of people don’t think about these things until something happens to them or a loved one.

5. Carpet Provides Sound Absorption

The modern family home is a noisy place. Between the conversations, occasional sibling squabbles and music blasting in the bathroom, it’s easy to feel like the noise is overwhelming. However, carpet can help with that.

Carpet actually absorbs sound much better than other flooring options. With a smooth, hard flooring in place, the sound waves simply bounce off it and reverberate around the room, creating even more noise. With carpet, that doesn’t happen, making noise feel much more manageable in the home.

6. Carpet is a Sustainable Option

Not everyone realizes it, but carpet is actually one of the most sustainable flooring options you can choose in the home. When the carpet is done with and a homeowner is ready to replace it, it can be recycled and turned into new carpet.

The life span of most high-quality carpet is also very long (15-25 years). This means that you will feel less need to replace your carpet every few years. Certain types of carpet are often more durable and resistant to damage than other popular flooring solutions on the market.

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7. It Can Help Clean the Air

Another surprising fact about carpet is that it can help to clean the air in your home. This indoor air cleaning effect is achieved because the carpet is able to act as a passive air filter. It draws dust and other particles out of the air, making it cleaner in the process. Keep in mind, that to reap these benefits you do need to regularly clean your carpets and remove the trapped dust particles.

This is particularly beneficial for households that have someone with asthma living in them. Carpet is also one of the lowest VOC-emitting flooring options you can choose these days.

So there you have it; it’s clear that carpet will always be around and always offer households an array of unique benefits that can’t be matched, no matter what the naysayers come up with. If you’re debating whether or not your next flooring option should be carpet or one of the alternatives, be sure to keep the facts in mind.

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