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Will Light Hardwood Flooring Make a Comeback in 2019?

Will light hardwood flooring get some limelight in 2019? The short answer is, yes! And we’re excited about it.

Light Hardwood Flooring: A Fresh Start in 2019

Light hardwood flooring hasn’t been extremely popular the last few years, but a comeback is on the horizon for 2019. There are so many reasons to be enthusiastic about this trend, so we decided it deserved a spotlight. This is how you can expect light hardwood flooring options to make their way back into the limelight this coming year.

Blinded by the Light (in a good way)


We suspect that light hardwood flooring in 2019 to be VERY light and some will even be white washed. If you’re looking to make small rooms appear larger, this is a trend that could be a lot of fun for you to explore.

Similar to the way bright, light-colored wallpaper and paint colors make the upper half of a room appear more open, light-colored flooring adds volume to the lower half, making the room seem larger to the naked eye.

Bigger is Better


Wide plank hardwood is very popular right now — and we don’t see that changing anytime soon. As light hardwood makes its comeback, expect it to make its mark in the world of the wide plank flooring trend as well.

Again — this is great news. We already know that wide plank flooring no matter what color adds visual interest while making smaller rooms appear larger and more open (which is never a bad thing). Pairing the ultra-light colored wood flooring with the wide plank trend will open up smaller spaces in the home.

A Nod to the Nordic Trend


If you’ve been looking for a unique way to incorporate this increasingly popular design trend into your home — 2019 might be your year. We expect to see a rise in popularity for cabin grade hardwood flooring to go along with these lighter colors.

Cabin grade hardwood flooring has imperfections that give it a more natural, rustic appearance. Characteristics like knots, bubbles, and color variations are desired by some homeowners looking for a more natural look, as opposed to completely uniform wood with no imperfections.

If you’re interested in incorporating the Scandinavian look into your home — cabin grade light hardwood flooring brings special kind of rustic elegance that is easy to fall in love with.

Is Light Hardwood a Good Option for Me?

It really depends on the look you’re going for, but the great news is that there are a lot of different styles to choose from. Hardwood flooring has always been a classic choice, but going with lighter colors definitely has its perks.

For one thing, lighter flooring is known for its ability to hide imperfections. If you have concerns about scratching or damaging the floor, light hardwood hides flaws a lot better than dark wood floors – we know that this is hard to believe, but trust us.

It is also easier to coordinate new or existing decor with light hardwood flooring because it is more neutral than it darker hardwood. Whether you want to incorporate the Nordic look or try something more modern—it’s versatile and classic.

As we prepare for a new year with new trends, we can’t wait to help you decide which ones are right for you and your home. Are you interested in updating the flooring in your home? Get a flooring quote today!

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